Children’s Podiatry in Perth

You want your children to be happy and healthy. 

So it makes sense to keep them healthy from the ground up. That way they can enjoy all the jumping, running, hopping, skipping, dancing and climbing they love. 

We have a dedicated children’s room that is light, bright with interesting things to see and do. Your little ones will feel happy to visit and more comfortable about treatments they may need. When children are busy playing and exploring it’s easier for our podiatrists to distinguish potential problems from normal development in little feet, ankles and knees.

We believe the best way to keep young feet healthy, comfortable and pain free for life is preventing problems early. That’s why we offer advice and reassurance for parents and gentle treatments for kids. We know how important feet are for health and happiness so we love helping little feet get the best help possible.

One in four of our patients is under 16 years old. Parents seek our help for developmental checks, gait problems, flat feet, footwear advice, in-toeing, knock knees, shin pain, painful ingrown nails, plantar warts, temporary insoles and and prescription orthotics. We sort out problems for tiny toes from six weeks old right up to size 14 teenage sporting injuries, plantar warts and painful ingrown nails.

Our team are all gentle folk who enjoy helping parents and children feel comfortable and cared for. If you are unsure how we can help, just call our friendly team now on 9319 3030 or book on line any time.

Children’s Development and Foot Problems

Many childhood foot problems may not be painful. So it’s important to be aware of what to look out for and have your child’s feet checked if you are concerned. Some common things you may notice are:

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  • Reluctance to participate in organised sport and physical activity.
  • Complaints about ‘tired’ legs.
  • Low or flattened arches.
  • Feet turning inwards or out.
  • Heels leaning towards each other.
  • Unusual ‘bouncy’ gait.
  • Toe walking.
  • Differences between feet, such as one foot turning out or being flatter than the other.
  • Different wear on shoes, especially on the inside of the sole.
  • Consistent pain in any area of the feet should always be investigated

What to Look for and When to Seek Help

AgeWhat's NormalWhat Needs Attention
Birth to 18 months Straight feet
Arches may not be obvious.
Deformities such as club foot (usually detected early)
18 months to 4 years
First steps taken

Bow legs with slight out toeing gait.
Not walking

Knock knees

Flat feet

Tip toe walking
4 to 8 years
Heel to toe gait

Knock knees




Flat feet

Tired legs

Heel pain

Shin pain

Bouncy walk (needs urgent attention)

Ingrown nails

Plantar warts

Growing pains
8 to 18 years Straight feet with slight out toeing

Straight legs

Playing sport

No pain

Developing strength

Increasing stamina
Shin pain

Knee pain

Heel pain

Bunions (needs urgent attention)

Ingrown nails

Growing pains

Your children depend on having healthy, pain free feet to get them where they’re going in life. So it’s worth having your child’s feet checked to ensure small foot problems don’t develop into big foot problems. A change of footwear or some simple stretches will help resolve many common problems.

Ignoring your children’s foot problems may cause osteo-arthritis, deformities of feet and toes and pain in their feet, legs, and lower back. Have your children’s feet checked during their early growing years, especially if you have any concerns about their development. Remember, feet are for life…

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