Ingrown Nails… What You Need to Know

Some people put up with painful ingrown nails for weeks, months or even years. Sometimes, even after several courses of antibiotics, the ingrown nail recurs with swelling, redness and pain. Ingrown nails are caused by:

  • Incorrect trimming
  • Picking your nails
  • Wide or curved nails
  • Injury or trauma
  • Shoes too tight or too short
  • Some medication

Feet First podiatrists deal with ingrown nails every day. Our practitioners are experts in gently relieving your pain as well as treating the underlying cause. Treatment is straightforward and relief from your pain is usually immediate.

Sometimes a simple treatment to tidy a jagged nail edge is all that’s needed. For a recurring problem, a minor procedure may be recommended. If you are a little uneasy with injections, we also offer Penthrox to help you relax.

Whatever caused your ingrown nail, our practitioners are all skilled to gently help relieve your pain. So don’t put up with painful ingrown nails. Call 9319 3030 Now.