Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment 1What are ingrown toenails?

OUCH!!! Ingrown toenails are caused by a spike of nail irritating and growing into the the soft tissue at the side of your toe. Your  toe becomes red, swollen and tender. If  infection takes hold, your ingrown nail becomes extremely painful, especially when it’s bumped or knocked. OOOOUCH!!

When you have a painful ingrown nail, you need effective gentle help. Call 93193030 or book online any time. We’re here to help you now…

Ingrown Toenail Treatment 2

Incorrect nail trimming, highly curved nails, some medication and badly fitted shoes can all cause ingrown nails. Football and netball players are very susceptible to ingrown nails.

People need help with ingrown nails for different reasons. Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’ve been managing a problem toenail yourself but suddenly your toe has become swollen and red, very painful to pressure and you’re having trouble wearing shoes for school or work.
  • You’ve been to your GP and had several courses of antibiotics for a painful infected ingrown nail. The antibiotics help settle the infection for a week or so and then the pain and swelling start again.
  • You’re keen to keep fit and a painful ingrown nail is interfering with training.
  • You have diabetes or circulation problems that means you are in a high risk category and need professional management of your nails.
  • Your nails are highly curved or very thick and tough and difficult to manage by yourself. Trimming your own nails is very tricky, time consuming and painful.

We’re all about improving lives with better foot health. Our podiatrists gently relieve ingrown nails every day. It’s what we’re here for, so call our friendly team now on 9319 3030 or book online any time. We are always happy to help.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

We can help you with gentle pain relief now and we can help prevent your ingrown nail recurring. Depending on the cause of your ingrown nail and the possibility of your ingrown nail recurring we offer several solutions. Discuss which option suits you best with your podiatrist.

Non-surgical Treatments

Nail spike removal
Fast relief of ingrown nails! Painful ingrown nails can often be relieved by gently removing a spike of nail caused by incorrect nail cutting. Depending on your nail, this may only be needed once. For problem recurring ingrown nails, you may need ongoing management to keep your toenails comfortable or a minor surgical procedure to permanently solve your ingrown nail woes.

We help people with ingrown nails every day, so our practitioners are highly skilled in gently removing nail spikes and relieving your pain. We know how sensitive your ingrown nail can be and we make sure you are as comfortable as possible for all treatment options. If you’re not comfortable, let us know. We have several ways to help make treating your painful ingrown nail as easy as possible.

Nail glueing is a non-surgical method of fixing ingrown nails that gently pulls the edges of your nail up and away from the soft tissue at the sides of your toe. This takes several applications over a few months and is useful if you have chronic painful ingrown nails and surgery is not an appropriate medical option for you.

Surgical treatment

For really problematic, painful recurring ingrown nails, we offer a permanent solution. This is a minor surgical procedure with a local anaesthetic. The procedure takes about an hour (for one side of one toenail) and in almost all cases is a permanent solution (There is a small re-growth rate of less than 10%).

We understand needle shyness. That’s why we offer Penthrox, a self-administered pain relief, to reduce your pain and anxiety while we take care of your ingrown nail for good.

This is a minor procedure and you will be able to drive home afterwards (provided you have not used Penthrox). As long as you wear very roomy shoes you can walk, return to work and do most light household tasks straight away. We do recommend you have a peaceful day or two with your foot up to reduce swelling and the chance of someone stepping on your toe. It’s preferable for you to avoid high impact exercise or sport, the beach and public swimming pools for two to three weeks while initial healing takes place.

Don’t put up with Toenail Pain or Problems

Some people put up with painful ingrown nails for weeks or even months and have repeated courses of antibiotics. Antibiotics will settle an infection, but unless the piece of nail causing the inflammation is removed, your ingrown nail will keep recurring.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment 3

Don’t put up with ongoing pain. A gentle treatment  will relieve your pain straight away and often this is all that is needed. If your ingrown nail continues to cause problems, a simple, minor procedure will give you permanent relief.

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