Foot Pain, Pins and Needles, Numbness?

Painful Feet Mortons Neuroma Pins And Needles In Your Feet

Pain at the front of your feet is a common problem that can make standing or walking uncomfortable. Discomfort can range from mild  pain to pins and needles, numbness, tingling and intense burning or pain. Very active people and some older people are more likely to suffer with forefoot pain. 

Two common forefoot problems are metatarsalgia, a common painful overuse injury caused by inflammation in the ball of the foot and Mortons neuroma, caused by irritation and inflammation of a nerve in the front of your foot. As well as pain, Morton’s neuroma may cause pins and needles, tingling, intense burning sensations or numbness. 

As with other biomechanical injuries, metatarsalgia and Moretons neuroma may be the result of abnormal foot alignment. This causes inefficient motion, overuse of key joints and tendons, inflammation and pain. Left untreated, this can lead to chronic inflammation and pain, so early assessment and appropriate treatment is always recommended.

Footwear First Aid for Forefoot Pain

Good shoes that fit well are always first aid for painful foot problems such as Mortons neuroma and metatarsalgia. Feet are often squeezed into shoes that are way too tight and narrow. Poorly fitting shoes can irritate delicate nerves and joints in the front of your foot.  Sometimes fixing your foot pain, pins and needles or numbness can be as simple as changing your footwear. Our podiatrists can assist you with advice about correct shoes style and fit for your foot type and activity level. A new pair of roomy shoes may be all you need to say goodbye to your forefoot pain.

Extra Help for Your Painful Feet 

Don’t put up with painful feet. Some people delay seeking help, hoping their foot pain will go away. However, it’s very difficult to rest your feet long enough to allow the irritation and inflammation of the hardworking tendons in feet to settle. Chronic irritation can take much longer to resolve and in some rare and severe cases, cortisone injections or surgery may be necessary. To avoid invasive and costly interventions such as these, early intervention is definitely best. 

Rest and ice can help relieve the pain of metatarsalgia and Moreton’s neuroma. Other treatment options such as prescription orthotics, padding, ultrasound & anti-inflammatories may also be useful. Prescription orthotics realign your foot function, correct your foot movement and improve the function and comfort of your feet. It’s not a quick fix as feet are difficult to rest and it may take six to eight weeks for the inflamed tendons to settle.  

If you have foot pain, tingling, pins and needles or numbness that makes walking or standing uncomfortable call Feet First Podiatry. Our friendly podiatrists are always happy to answer your questions and help you get back to all the things in life you enjoy… pain free.

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