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Children’s feet

childrens feet care

Flat feet

Flat feet may cause several painful foot problems in children. Flat feet can lead to long term deformity and foot pain, so have you children’s feet checked to keep them healthy and pain free for life.

Growing Pains

Children who wake crying with leg pain used to be dismissed as just ‘growing pains’. New research suggests that children who have severe night pains in their knees and lower legs may have biomechanical problems. Our senior practitioner has a special interest in developmental podiatry and will be able to answer your concerns.

Sports Injuries

Pain during or after sport or a reluctance to participate in school sport or other physical exercise may indicate a biomechanical problem. Our senior practitioner has a wealth of experience in paediatric foot problems. It’s always a good idea to have your concerns checked early.

Knock knees, pigeon toes and bow legs

Changes in foot and leg shape during growth and development may be part of a normal transition during childhood, or may be abnormal. An early check of your children’s gait and developmental changes can help prevent long term painful lower limb problems.

Heel pain

Persistent pain in heels is cause for concern. Our practitioners can help with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of several common causes of heel pain in children.

Ingrown nails

Painful ingrown nails are a common problem for teenagers. Our practitioners gently and carefully relieve this annoying problem every day. For recurring ingrown nails, we recommend you have a minor procedure to solve this problem permanently.

Knee pain

Persistent pain in knees is cause for concern. Our practitioners can help with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of several common causes of knee pain in children.

Women’s Feet

Hormonal and physiological changes during pregnancy and motherhood mean women’s feet may become painful at this busy time. Some women have difficulty reaching their own feet to care for their nails late in pregnancy.

Foot Specialist

If you are on your feet all day at work, chances are you will need to see a podiatrist for help with painful feet. Standing or walking on hard surfaces for long periods, especially if your shoes have high heels may cause corns, callous, inflammation of joints and tendons. We can help you with assessments, diagnosis, treatment and advice.

Sporting feet

Your feet are subject to up to 4 times your body weight with some high impact sports like netball and running. Injuries to knees, ankles and feet are the most common sports injuries. We can help you with injury prevention, recovery and performance.Sports Podiatrist

With computer gait analysis and laser scanning for prescription orthotics we can help restore optimum bio-mechanical function to reduce your risk of injury and keep you performing at your peak. Phone now for an appointment to help with your foot, heel, knee or shin pain.

Mens feet

On your feet all day at work? Wearing steel caps? Up and down ladders? Weekend sports? All these activities can cause additional stress for your work weary feet. Many occupations put your feet are under stress and cause pain. If you have any foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back pain, we may be able to help you.

Heel Pain Treatment


Diabetic feet

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, Diabetes Australia recommend you have your feet checked at least annually with a podiatrist . It is important to have your feet checked to monitor changes in the blood supply and nerve function in your feet.

Diabetics Feet

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your footwear is vitally important. We can advise you about footwear and check your shoe selection ‘on apro’ from several footwear retailers we trust.

Older feet

You may need help with your nails if they become very thick, curved and difficult to care for or if you have trouble with seeing or reaching your feet. Our practitioners are always gentle and careful with regular treatments to keep your feet comfortable and pain free.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

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