Privacy Policy

Feet First Podiatry provides professional foot health services. To provide best practice and optimal clinical outcomes, we collect information about people who visit us for their foot health care. The following privacy policy aims to protect personal and sensitive information collected by the practice. Elements of our privacy policy are embedded in our procedural manual, our induction, training and education programmes, and our work culture. A profound respect for personal information is integral to the professional and ethical code of practice for all registered practitioners.

How is information collected?
Personal details are collected over the phone, in person or electronically via email or website contact forms.
Referrals and replies from other health providers include personal and medical information that may be supplied in several formats; paper, electronic and visual.

Practitioners collect additional medical information during consultations and treatments. Consent for information collection is voluntary and is usually implied in responses to questions and requests.

Expressed written consent is obtained prior to minor surgical procedures.

A parent, legal guardian or responsible adult provides consent from a patient without capacity to provide consent on his or her own behalf.

Only information relevant to providing best practice and optimal clinical outcomes is collected.

What information is collected?
Personal information including: name, referral source, phone numbers, address and email.

Health information including: health insurance type, date of birth, marital status, familial relationships, GP name, illnesses and diseases; past present and future, allergies, medications, sporting and physical activity interests, occupation, injuries, weight, footwear type and size, smoker status.

How is information used?
Information is used to communicate directly with individual clients, with their doctor or other health provider with implied or expressed consent.

Information is also used to process payments and to manage the practice.
Checks are made to keep information up to date and accurate.
You can check, amend or update your personal and health information at any time.

How is information held?
Personal and medical information is stored electronically.

All employees are bound by their employment terms to strictest confidentiality and protection of the privacy of all personal and health information during and after their employment.

All registered practitioners are bound by codes of ethical and professional codes of practice.
Information that is no longer required for any purpose is destroyed.

When is this information disclosed?
Health related information is disclosed in communication with other health providers only when required.
Medicare, DVA and other identifier numbers are not shared without expressed permission.
Your personal information is not shared with any other organization, other than stated above or as may be required by law.

You may request in writing for another health service provider to have access to a copy or a summary of your personal and health information at any time. Original records remain with the practice.

You may ask to see your information at any time.

If you are not able to make requests about your information on your own behalf, your parent, legal guardian or responsible adult may make a request for you.