Are you a nail bar casualty?

Just lately we’ve had several young women come to us  in pain, distressed after having nail bar pedicures.

With their gift vouchers from well meaning friends, they went off for a nail buff and polish. However, after visiting the nail bar, their big toenails became swollen, sore and very painful. Even after several visits to their doctor and repeated courses of antibiotics, these women were having ongoing pain that meant they had trouble wearing shoes at work and even had trouble sleeping. One poor woman had been in pain on and off for several years after visiting a nail bar.

The happy ending to this story is that after podiatry treatments and minor nail surgery procedures all our nail bar casualties have healthy pain free feet again.

Nail Bar Casualty

The main reasons to be cautious about visiting a nail bar:

• Incorrect nail trimming may cause ingrown nails and painful infections, even in young healthy adults.
• Sometimes people visit nail bars to have their nail problems (often caused by bacteria or fungus) hidden under lacquer. Unless the equipment is sterilised after each client you may pick up an infection.
• Diabetics should never use nail bars. Even a small abrasion injury or nick may result in a serious infection. People with diabetes should always seek assistance from a qualified health professional such as a nurse practitioner, diabetes health worker or podiatrist.

Please be cautious when you are considering visiting a nail bar. It’s safer to visit a podiatrist or pre-purchase an appointment as a gift, especially if you or your loved one has diabetes, circulation or other health problems. That way, you can be confident that any nail, skin or other foot health issues will be addressed safely. And you won’t have to hide your nails under lacquer any more!