New Beginnings for Feet First Podiatry

Demolition of the old Feet First Podiatry practice signals the end of an era and new beginnings for Feet First Podiatry family and friends. There were mixed feelings when Feet First principal Wes Huck, his wife Fern and parents in-law, Pat and John Darby said their last goodbyes to 359 Canning Highway Palmyra. Fern’s dad John practiced for twenty years as a G.P. in the converted home until 1995, so there are lots of shared memories about years past as well as excitement about the new building on the way.

Wes And Fern Huck And Fern'S Parents Dr John And Pat Darby, Say A Last Goodbye To The Old Home That Has Provided Medical And Podiatry Services To The Local Community For Over 40 Years.

Wes and Fern Huck and Fern’s parents Dr John and Pat Darby, say a last goodbye to the old home that has provided medical and podiatry services to the local community for over 40 years.

“We’ll be sad to see it go. It’s been part of our lives for so long. But we’re excited too because it will be following a dream we had to rebuild,” said Pat and John. “We’re looking forward to seeing the dream come alive”. Wes and the Feet First Podiatry team are excited too! Plans are afoot for a beautiful new practice that’s warm and welcoming, with plenty of leg room and facilities to write home about. The new practice will be emerging from the rubble soon, so watch that space on the corner of Weld Road and Canning Highway…

In the meantime, you can find us in lovely rooms at 571A Canning Highway, Alfred Cove. We’re up the driveway behind the hearing clinic. Feet First Podiatry offer specialist nail treatments for ingrown nails, laser nail treatment for fungal nails, nail surgery, bracing and restorations.