Self Help for Painful Ingrown Nails

First Aid Tips for Painful Ingrown Nails

If you have a painful ingrown nail, these simple steps may help ease the pain and inflammation before you see your podiatrist:

  • Dissolve a tablespoon or two of ordinary kitchen salt in an ice cream container of luke-warm water. Soak your sore toe for 5-10 minutes in this warm (not hot), salty water. You can repeat the soaking several times a day if you wish.
  • Next, pat the area gently dry and place a few drops of Betadine (or other antiseptic lotion such as Savlon) to the sore area and cover with a bandaid or other clean dressing.
  • Do not attempt to dig or cut out the ingrown nail yourself. This will make the irritation worse and increases your risk of infection.

Persistent pain should be checked by your doctor or podiatrist. If you still have pain after a day or two, you should seek help. Call our friendly team on 9319 3030 now…