Flat Feet in Children

Most people have an arch under their feet. This flexible bridge between the front of your foot and your heel acts as a kind of spring. Your arch gives your feet a high level of stability and flexibility and is important for shock absorption and distribution during walking, running and jumping.

Flat Feet In Children May Need Attention

Children with flat feet may not complain of pain. However, flat feet may place additional strain on joints in your child’s feet, ankles, knees and hips that may make physical activity uncomfortable or tiring. A common problem for children with very flat feet is they tend to avoid sport and other physical ‘fun stuff’.

Persistent pain should always be investigated. However, even if your little one is not complaining of pain, growing feet should be checked especially if you notice your child:
• Is reluctant to participate in sport or physical activity
• Sits down unless encouraged to keep going
• Complains of ‘tired’ legs
• Wears shoes unevenly
• Has one foot turning in or out more than the other
• Trips or stumbles often
• Wakes at night regularly, crying with pain in knees, shins or feet

It’s a good idea to check with a practitioner who has skills and experience with child development. So call now if you have concerns about your little one’s feet. We’re always happy to help.