Sex Appeal and High Heels

High heels are popular with some fashion conscious folk. But wearing high heels regularly will cost you physical pain and possible deformity. You see, human feet were simply not made for high heels.

Your feet are the foundation of your normally very stable musculoskeletal system. But high heels change the dynamics of your body balance and can cause pain and even deformity.

Normal alignment of your pelvis and spine is altered and your centre of gravity shifts, making you unstable. High heels also force your body weight through the front of your foot and increases the pressure of every step. High heels can:

Damage your toes

Contribute to neuromas and bursae

Sprain your ankles

Cause corns and calluses

Increase your likelihood or the severity of bunions

Cause osteoarthritis in your knees

Cause ingrown toenails

Strain your lower back

Increase your risk of slips, falls and other injuries

So Cinderella, save your high heels for the ball. Wear comfortable low heeled, roomy, broad toed shoes and set your feet and your smile free!