Netball Injuries

85% of all netball injuries involve lower limbs. Knee pain, shin splints and Achilles tendonitis, sprains and falls.

High-octane sports like net ball mean players do lots of jumping, twisting and start stop actions. Landing after jumping to catch a ball results in forces several times your body weight. These high impact forces place lower limb joints under extra stress.

Net ball injuries are mainly caused by:

Bad landings

Poor landing technique can cause instability and sprains and falls. Sprains to ankle ligaments are a very common net ball injury and can mean extended periods of being side lined. The biomechanics of some feet makes sprains more likely.


Repetitive high impact forces can cause overuse injuries. Abnormal foot biomechanics can increase the likelihood of overuse injuries as joints, already working hard, are placed under additional stresses demands of high impact activity.

Seek help

Don’t play through or ignore pain in your feet, ankles, shins or knees. Pain indicates a problem that needs attention. Playing through pain can cause damage to your major weight bearing joints.

So, if you have lower limb pain during or after netball, call 9319 3030. Our practitioners are happy to help you with assessment, advice, pain relief, sports injury management and rehabilitation.