Summer Foot Care

Summer is a wonderful time of year for celebrations, holidays, relaxing at the beach and by the pool… but your feet need special care at this time of year.

In warm weather you tend to wear open shoes or sandals. Sandals and thongs do not usually provide good support for your feet. In summer, when we wear open footwear more, some people suffer painful foot problems such as plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) and Achilles tendonitis, partly because of the open, unsupportive footwear they choose at this time of year.

Feet First stock a range of Orthaheel sandals and thongs with moulded footbeds to provide support and help relieve your foot pain. They are useful for temporary relief and for minor foot disorders. They are also helpful for people who need to wear prescription orthotics, but want a quick, slip on for around the house or garden.