Plantar Wart Treatment Myths, Legends and Very Mild Podiatry Super Powers

Podiatry Super Powers Zaps Plantar Warts

Warts gone with very mild suer podiatry powers!We’ve done something amazing… We got rid of a plantar wart that had been causing problems for a lovely hairdresser for ages… 20 years to be precise! That’s right. Not a few weeks or months. Not even a year or two, but twenty.  whole.  years.

As a hairdresser she needs to be on her feet long hours every day. And for twenty years she’d been in discomfort or pain every day with that darn wart on the sole of her foot.  Now, finally she’s free. After twenty years, she can work, walk, shop and do all the normal things in life without that painful plantar wart. Several treatments over a few months and it’s gone. 

What causes plantar warts and why are they so much bother? 

Well, plantar warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It’s one of the most common skin infections around. They may be ugly and nobody really likes having warts. Plantar warts usually disappear in a few weeks or months. However, warts on the sole of your feet can make walking or standing uncomfortable and painful. They can ulcerate and become infected, they can grow and spread, and very rarely they can become malignant.

What treatments are available for plantar warts?

The aim of plantar wart treatments is to destroy as much of the wart as possible without damaging any unaffected tissue or creating scars. There are many of different options to treat plantar warts. No treatment is 100% guaranteed successful.

Some home made plantar wart ‘cures’ are a little bit pixy dust but they are low cost or free and they may work for you:

  • Wait and wish them away. No harm in trying this one!
  • Banana peel
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Milk from a thistle

If the suburban myths and home made cures aren’t getting rid of your plantar warts we have several treatment options that are more reliable. Depending on the number and size of your plantar warts, several visits may be needed.

  • Acid
  • Medical microwave
  • Laser

It’s always best to have plantar warts checked early. Other skin conditions can cause lumps and bumps that look like warts but are not and the treatment is very different depending on the cause. We can help keep you comfortable with regular treatments to make standing and walking comfortable, and also offer a range of different treatments for permanent removal of plantar warts that are growing, spreading or making you uncomfortable.